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Landscape Design

When you think about all your options with today's fast paced family life styles, doesn't it make sense to arrive home to a warm and welcoming landscape environment that complements your families lifestyle. Whether you're thinking about adding one of our many boulder landscaping applications to your existing landscape, renovating or replacing your entire landscape or implementing a full landscape plan for your new construction home or business.
Boulder Images design staff will work with you using your input to design a project that will complement your personal and professional requirements. Boulder Images is your one call contractor for all your design needs.

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Boulder Signage

Boulder signage is a perfect accent to any house or business. It’s maintenance-free, lasts forever, and makes a beautiful statement to guests or customers. What to put on the sign rock is up to you! While we don’t do lettering, we can connect you with someone that does. Whether you prefer your message etched or made out of metal, we know someone that can help! Because we understand how important the surroundings are to your sign, we don’t set single boulders, but we’re happy to incorporate boulder signage into a larger surrounding boulder scape. We’d love to create an unforgettable entrance for you!

They are knowledgeable and creative, and obviously enjoy what they do. It was their vision that produced the functional exterior living space from the existing scrub brush and unusable grade."

Water features

There’s nothing more beautiful or calming than rushing water! We’re lucky to have a boulder artist that started his career creating water features long ago, so has an unbelievable eye, specifically for how water moves in nature. If you’re looking for a bubbling boulder, that’s simple enough! Our boulder artist can core and set a beautiful accent piece within your larger boulder scape. If waterfalls or streams are your thing, we have a water feature expert we partner with to make the perfect focal point in your yard.

These folks truly are artists; the result is breathtaking! The boulders look so natural, like they’ve always been there."

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